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The lives of four people are inextricably drawn together in this mystery of life and death and life again.

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Douglas Phillips, lucky to be living in fantastic Australia

I was born in London and experienced the wonders of Paddington, Little Venice and Church Street Markets. Life was fast and furious and a dull moment never existed. Then I turned nine. When my family moved to the beautiful county of Bedfordshire life began again only much more slowly. School life was almost always enjoyable and I seemed to float along with all that a country life had to offer. One cold winter my father built me a sled with steel runners and with a gaggle of other kids headed for the hills above the village. We got thoroughly soaked and half frozen having the time of our lives racing down the snow covered hills. In summer we found other amazing antics to get up to.

I imagine that everyone has some great memories and mine are no better or worse than anybody else's. In that sense, I consider myself to be just an ordinary human being. I grew up, went to work as an apprentice, got a trade, had a family of my own, emigrated to Australia, worked all my life and travelled when I could. Then one day I asked myself a question, "What shall I do next"? 

"Write it all down," was the reply.

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